inaugural gala dinner, may 1, 2023

the bowery hotel, new york city

vildwerk. and dinner chairman Christopher Wheeldon OBE, invite to The Bowery Hotel, New York City for this unique event unlike any other.

A room full of supporters dedicated to bringing environmental conservation awareness through dance will celebrate the beauty of our planet with former Royal Ballet Principal Dancer, Mara Galeazzi, choreographer, founder and artistic director MOVETHECOMPANY, Joshua Beamish, together with Met Opera Orchestra Musicians and award winning composer, Felipe Pérez Santiago, and many more. World leading artists, conservationists and wildlife experts will pay special tribute to wildlife, nature, and our interconnectedness and mutual dependency.

Very limited availability – BY INVITATION ONLY

Please contact [email protected] with any enquiries.

opening season, 2024

Art imitates nature and nature is often a muse for art.

 vildwerk. will present its first annual performance in New York City, followed by national and international touring.

A bill of inspiring new works of dance created in collaboration with internationally renowned leading artists and eco-conservationists will touch hearts in a way that only art can, with the aim of inspiring audiences to help save the planet.